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Pressure Die Casting


Pressure Die Casting Tolerances

Normally we based on the standard general NADCA tolerances. However, if you specific requirements , then we will confirmed with you that if we can follow yours or not.


Pressure Die Casting Materials


Mold Tools

We usually use H13 tool steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. We can also use specialty steels if you need. Read more about our rapid tooling service. 


Die Cast Parts

We can use different metals for casting. The materials of your need depend on cost, weight and performance. Here are some tips:

-Aluminum good is for strong, lightweight and complicated shapes. It can also be highly polished. 

-Zinc is cheaper and is good for plating. 

-Magnesium is the best choice in terms of strength-to-weight ratio for higher performance applications. 


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